1983 Honda FT500 Ascot


The first motorcycle I have ever ridden on the street. This isn’t the actual picture, but it was something close to this. It definitely showed it’s age, had to be careful not to give it too much gas or it would hesitate rather than speeding up and the clutch slipped. I don’t think I ever took it on the highway. But this bike was enough for me to discover the magic of motorcycles, I was hooked immediately.

2000 Honda CB750 Nighthawk


Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Ascot wasn’t mine and had to be returned. It was time to scour craigslist to find my first bike. I wanted to stay with Honda because that is all I really knew and I also drove a Honda. When I first test drove this bike I couldn’t believe the speed, it pulled so hard in every gear compared the Ascot. It came with a windshield, which I would use on the highway. I never took it on that long of trips, the photo here was from a short trip up north, camping at a friends cabin.

2006 BMW K1200R


And then … the K1200R. Without a doubt, my favorite motorcycle that I have owned. I still search craigslist occasionally to buy another one. Why the K1200R? Well probably two things: Resident Evil and also this. I bought this from a guy in up state New York off craigslist. Came fully setup for touring with a tank bag, OEM panniers, and a soft trunk.

2011 BMW K1300S


Thanks to the local BMW dealership I got a great deal on this K1300S. Much newer than the K1200R and much more power. This bike had ASC, which means you could basically open up the throttle, dump the clutch, and it would accelerate as fast as physically possible. But after about a year riding this, and passing a lot of gravel roads and my now favorite Seasonal Roads, I decided to make the switch to a dual-sport.

2011 BMW R1200GS Triple Black

This was somewhat inspired by my friend who I rode with, he has a 650GS. Sport touring bikes are fun, but it is really hard to have fun on them legally on the street. And in my old age, I’ve found that I would rather tool around on back country roads, two tracks and random paths through the woods where there are no cars. There is also something very satisfying about riding a bike that it’s only limits are my abilities as a rider.

2016 BMW R1200GS Triple Black

All I can say is love at first sight. The updates they did to this bike compared to the 2011 are unbelievable. It is so smooth, yet responsive when you need it. The different riding modes, while I first thought were a gimmick, are very useful. I mostly drive in road mode, but when driving off road it is great to put it in enduro mode, which softens the throttle response. Read more about the different riding modes here.

My dream garage would contain a R1200GSA, S1000RR and a R9T.

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