2018 Camping Packing List

QTY Item Pack Location
2016 BMW R1200GS
Givi Tank Bag
Bumot Panniers & Trunk
Bumot Toolbox
OEM crash guards
Mud slingers
Radiator guards
Headlight guard
RAM iPhone Mount
Hex ezCAN
Fog lights
Extra brake lights
Riding Gear
Held Carese 2 Jacket
Held Torno 2 Pants
Held rain pants Left Pannier
Olympia rain jacket Left Pannier
BMW Touring Boots
Shoei Neotec w/ Sena
BMW Rallye Gloves Tank Bag
BMW Enduroguard Gloves Tank Bag
Sunglasses Tank Bag
Ear plugs Tank Bag
BMW Easy Tube Tank Bag
Baklava Tank Bag
Pinlock with case Left Pannier
HiViz vest Left Pannier
Cooling vest Left Pannier
Tools / Misc
Water bladder Tank Bag
Leatherman Tank Bag
Knife Tank Bag
Flashlight Tank Bag
Head flashlight Tank Bag
Helmet lock Tank Bag
Tire pressure guage Tank Bag
Microfiber cloths Tank Bag
Helmet visor cleaner Tank Bag
Zip ties Tank Bag
Wallet Tank Bag
Gum Tank Bag
Chapstick Tank Bag
Motorcycle cover Left Pannier
First-aid kit Left Pannier
Tool bag Toolbox
Tire repair kit Toolbox
12V air compressor Toolbox
License / passport photocopies Toolbox
Spare CC / Cash Toolbox
Spare 18″ Tube Left Pannier
Camping Gear
Tent Right Pannier
Tent Footprint Right Pannier
Sleeping pad Right Pannier
Camping chair Right Pannier
Sleeping bag Right Pannier
Sleeping bag liner Right Pannier
Pillow Right Pannier
Lighter / Fire starter Tank Bag
Towel Trunk
Collapsible canteens Left Pannier
Travel sheets Trunk
Mess Kit
Coffee grinder Left Pannier
Stove Left Pannier
Fuel Left Pannier
Mess kit Left Pannier
Food (TBD)
Vega protein powder Left Pannier
Oatmeal packets Left Pannier
Coffee beans Left Pannier
Pasta side Left Pannier
Protein bars Left Pannier
Nuts / snacks Left Pannier
MacBook Pro + Charger Trunk
iPhone + charger Tank Bag
Kindle + charger Trunk
Canon camera + charger Tank Bag
Camera tripod Tank Bag
Spot Tracker Jacket
GoPro + Batteries Mounted
GoPro USB Charger Mounted
Nexus & Charger Trunk
Shure IEMs w/ adaptor Tank Bag
iPhone Headphones Tank Bag
Tooth paste + brush Trunk
Floss Trunk
Deoderant Trunk
Hair product Trunk
Shampoo Trunk
Bar soap Trunk
Ibruprofen Trunk
Aleve PM Trunk
Pepto-Bismol Trunk
Bug spray Trunk
Allergy pills Trunk
Flonase Trunk
Body wipes Trunk
TP Trunk
Nail Clippers Trunk
Sewing Kit Trunk
Hair stuff Trunk
Face lotion / sunscreen Trunk
4 Synthetic Underwear Trunk
1 Alpine stars summer socks Trunk
4 Smartwool socks long Trunk
2 Smartwool socks short Trunk
1 Gray t-shirt Trunk
1 Long sleeve mid layer Trunk
1 Patagonia mid layer Trunk
1 Shorts Trunk
1 Pants Trunk
1 Smartwool T-Shirt Trunk
1 Smartwool Long Sleeve Trunk
2 Synthetic T-Shirt Trunk
1 Gym shorts Trunk
1 Merrell shoes Left Pannier
1 Flipflops Left Pannier
1 BMW Hat Left Pannier
1 Pastic bag for dirty clothes Trunk

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