Lake Michigan Loop

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Trip: Lake Michigan Loop
Date: Memorial Weekend 2017
Distance: 1058 miles
Time on bike: ~20 hours
Map: Lake Michigan Loop

Day 1

Mileage: 303 miles
Trip: Grand Rapids to Port Washington, WI
Lodging: Hotel

Most likely I will not be able to go through Chicago with all the holiday weekend traffic. But if it doesn’t look bad driving up through the city should be great.

Day 2

Mileage: 299 miles
Trip:  Port Washington, WI to Menominee, MI
Lodging: Hotel

I have never been on the west side of Lake Michigan on my bike, looking forward to seeing the sun rise from the west.

Day 3

Mileage: 192 miles
Trip: Menominee, MI to Saint Ignace, MI
Lodging: Hotel

Short leg of the trip, leaving enough time to explore around the UP, maybe head up to the falls.

Day 4

Mileage: 262 miles
Trip: Saint Ignace, MI to Grand Rapids
Lodging: Hotel

Made this trip many time, but M119 “Tunnel of Trees” never gets old. Depending on weather / how I feel, I may take the coast down the whole way, hitting M22. That is a great drive.

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